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book a Home Inspection today

book a Home Inspection todaybook a Home Inspection todaybook a Home Inspection today

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Residential home inspection


 A home inspection is a non-invasive, visual examination of the accessible areas of the property, designed to identify areas of concern within specific systems or components.   All reports are delivered with many digital photos and illustrations to make the report easy to read and understand.

wind mitigation and 4-point inspection


 Simply put, a wind mitigation inspection (also called a windstorm mitigation inspection) is where a certified inspector looks over a property for specific weather-withstanding features. These will include  features such as door/window covering, roof to house attachment, and how your roof is sealed to prevent water from entering. Though a wind mitigation inspection is not required in order to purchase home insurance, a qualified report can result in substantial savings.

roof inspection


A roof inspection or a roof certificate is a written “opinion" regarding the condition of a roof.  We check for presence and/or condition of roof material, gutters/downspouts, flashing, repairs, layers of shingles, and general installation practices. 

Some home insurance policies will require a roof inspection to qualify for coverage.

thorough - reliable - professional


jay - licensed home inspector

Hi! I'm Jay.   I truly enjoy doing home inspections and enabling you to make an informed decision during your home buying process.  My years of construction background in renovating residential properties affords me a unique advantage in noticing home construction methods and defects.  Additionally, from owning and managing multiple rental properties and primary residences, I am sensitive to the concerns and emotions which arise in a home buyer before purchasing a home.  Allow me to provide you with an honest, thorough report.  I will be with you throughout the home-buying process,  taking the time to patiently respond to all your questions and needs.



the report

Receiving a clear, easy to read home inspection report is crucial when buying a home.    This report allows you to identify the important, sometimes hidden, weaknesses of the property and to decide what to do with each item needing attention.


Your report will be user friendly, easy to read and understand.  All reports come with dozens of digital pictures taken during the inspection and illustrations explaining each concern.


You will appreciate choosing this inspection report compared to many of the outdated, text-heavy reports currently used by most home inspectors.

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